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Glass tube processing machinery
4 needles ampoule filling&sealing machine
Product Category:Glass tube processing machinery

Company Profile

      Located in Nantong City of China,we are 100km from Shanghai

Keenly focusing on glass tube processing since 20 years ago,and

have developped from single tube machine manufacturing to a great range of various glass tube processing machines.


1.SMG-A  Ampoule Making Machine

2. SMG-B  Ampoule washing/ /Drying Machine

3. SMG-C1 Ink Printing Machine

    SMG-C2 Oven Printing Machine

    SMG- H Labeling Machine

4. SMG-D Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

 (SMG-D 2head/SMG-D4head/SMG-D6head/SMG-D8head)

5. SMG-E Test Tube Making Machine

6. SMG-F Beaker Making Machine

7. SMG-G Printing Machine For Beaker and Test Tube

SMG-D Ampoule filling and sealing machine

SMG-D 4heads

The equipment is our company according to market demand,are widely adapted in the pharmaceutical,cosmetic,food and other industries. It can be also suitable for round shaped bottles. This machine adopts rectangular drive transmission structure, the transmission stability of ampoule safely.A new type of clutch factory, to keep the state machine can stop conveying ampoule.



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