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Toothpaste machinery
Tube Making Machine (SMZG100B2) ABL PBL
Product Category:Toothpaste machinery

Tube Making Machine (SMZG100B2)

1. Our machine is developed and integrated by the latest tube-making technology around the world.
2. Our accessories are imported from different countries. We developed a new welding technology learnt from KMK which made the seaming process more smoothly.And the motors in our machine are servo motors for energy conservation.
3. SMZG100B tube making machine can not only make aluminum-plastic tube(ABL), but also plastic tube(PBL).
4. We use new heating technology(steel belts) to enhance productivity and improve production quality in PBL tube making.
5. SMZG100B tube making body machine can be combined with our semi-automatic shoulder injection machine or Full-automatic shoulder injection to constitute a tube production line.
6. Main technical parameters is:
Power supply: 380VAC/50Hz
Power : 12KW
ABL tube production speed: 13-18m/min
PBL tube production speed: 8-12m/min
Tube Diameter: 16-60mm(ABL)
22-60 mm(PBL)
Tube Length : 25 -600 mm
Machine size: Length/Width/Height:6000/850/1450(MM)
Total Weight: 1.2 tons
7. Device configuration:
Please refer to red color for more explanation as to what and where is upgraded:
1. The primary motor drive and belt drive are controlled by DELTAfrequency
Servo motor has substituted the frequency conversion for the following reason:
b.much high accuracy
c.quick start and stop reaction
d.immediate synchronization
2. TECHMACH deviation-control system
Selectra (Italy Brand) brand is now used to replace earlier Techmach
3. Shenzhen custom-made ultrahigh frequency
4. The cutter system consists of OMRON Tracking encoder, DELTAservo motor,(MITSUBISHI servo motor and cutter control chip). The length error is
controlled within 0.2mm.
Red bracket was wrong information given,there is no need to use in both old model
and new models.
5. MITSUBISHI PLC and ARTRICH touch screen form the control system.
PLC and touchscreen are now both Delta for better synchronization (plc+touchscreen)
6. The other control electric parts all adopt OMRON brand.
7. The pneumatic elements all adopt ATECK brand.
Remark: front view and side view cover with 204# stainless steel, other where
paint white color



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