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Toothpaste machinery
Shoulder injection machine(SMIJ2)
Product Category:Toothpaste machinery


Mould Size Diameter (mm): 12.7, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 35, 38, 50, 60 (Oval& round for choice)


Its double-mould alternative forming way gives it high work efficiency. This machine, safe and reliable, has the advantages of pre-moulding on screw, material-input in a fixed quantity at a specific position, all-hydraulic mould-closure with high and low speed, large mould-lock power, smooth mould moving, electric and pneumatic interlocking, small installation space, convenient assembling and disassembling of the moulds.

Should-injection mould: diameter of tube is 12.7mm—60 mm, with both oval and round shape, manufacture it according to the customers’ need and also can make screw shape.

技术参数 Technical parameter
Screw Diameter  30 mm
Injection Pressure 1743 kg/cm 2
Shot Size(Theoretical)  85 cm 3
Injection Weight PP 77 g
Screw Speed  0-190 r/min
Mould-Lock Power 45 Ton
Mould Plate Max. Journey 420 mm
Mould Min Height 300 mm
Screw Middle Distance 450x300 mm
Mould Plate Size 840x400 mm
Ejector Power 1.75 Ton
Oil Pump Motor 5.5 KW
Heating Power  4.7 KW
Injecting Mouth Radii R10 mm
Machine Size(L*W*H)  1500 x 1600 x2500 mm
Machine Weight 

1800 kg



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