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Mattress Production Line
Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine
Product Category:Mattress Production Line

Technical Parameters

1.The machine efficiency:100/min
2.Air consumption:no
3.The maximum power:13.5 KW/h
4.The spring diameter:Ø60- Ø75mm
5.Spring height  pocket:80-250mm
6.The wire diameter:Ø1.8 - Ø2.2mm
7.Suitable cloth width:300 -650mm
Note: Can be customized non-standard sizes
Machine size:L684*W141*H194cm
PLC:Panasonic PLC
ultrasonic wave:Guangzhou tenghui ultrasonic wave
Electrical installation:Hechuan servo motor


1.The line carrier controlled by frequency converter, automatically adjust the wire feeding speed, the maximum transmission weight up     to 1000Kgs.
2.Mature mechanical spring coiling of mechanical head, spring adjustment precision, easy to operate.
3.Controlled by a servo system of mechanical transport, movement precision.
4.The invert delivery cloth, effectively decrease breakage rate, and equipped with ground cloth of function, time saving material saving.
5.Titanium alloy ultrasonic mold, sturdy and durable
6.All intelligent real-time fault monitoring, safe and reliable
7.No Cylinder structure, low maintenance cost.
8.Can set to the task mode, to complete the task of automatic shut down, effectively reduce the waste.



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