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Mattress Production Line
Automatic continuous vertical cylinder block PU foaming machine
Product Category:Mattress Production Line

I. Application

The technology of vertical foaming process continuous production of sponges, vertical technology has aroused the attention and rapid development of the polyurethane industry, which is inseparable from its outstanding advantages.

1. The sponge vertical foaming machine has less investment, small floor area, no top skin yield and simple operation,sponge vertical foam in the production process because of small flow, change formula is easier than horizontal foam.1. The density distribution is uniform, and the maximum diameter of the circular foam can reach 1.5 meters.

2. Round foam have higher requirements on production technology.Under 10 density, the machine needs to be adjusted, otherwise the foam will crack easily after decades of foaming.When the temperature is low, it is not easy to crack.Our company has the highest powder content of 100%, High load and high rebound foam can be made,  Anti-super soft can be made, over 40 density is not be allowed.

3. The mixing head is a key part of the foam structure. There are two kinds of foam machines at present.The advantage of the pressure free foaming machine is easy to operate, the disadvantage is that the quality of the product is not good, the point stoma regulation is not so convenient.The advantage of low pressure mixing head is that the stomata adjustment is more convenient, the product quality hand feeling is obviously improved, the disadvantage is the operation is more complex.

The formula and design of round foam are not exactly the same as that of horizontal foam.During the foaming process, it is easy to appear shrinkage line, splitting, arc cracking, transverse cracking and debinding.If the flow is right, it is basically the problem of formula. Sometimes fake materials will also have the same malfunction.

Technical parameter

Foaming diameter


Foaming head flow


Speed of foamed head


Speed of lifting


Foaming density


Production capacity


Total power


Equipment weight


Dimensions of equipment (L*W*H)




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