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Toothpaste machinery
Center Sealing Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine
Product Category:Toothpaste machinery

Center Sealing Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine

1. Brief Introduction :

The sealing machine is suitable for automatic middle sealing, bottom sealing and shearing of flexible packaging composite bags. The machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, servo motor control, frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric tracking, work counting, automatic temperature control, high parking, 2 Hot sealing device, sealing, firming and other technologies. (Can be added according to user requirements, die and tear, single film bag sealing and cutting device).

2. Configuration:

Mechanical  part

Electrical  part

1.Unwinding Device : The dischargin  -g device adopts magnetic powder an-d air expansion shaft.

1.The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation (1.5kw), and the inverter adopts Hualan.

2. Rack : steel plate structure.

2. Feeding servo motor (domestic)1.

3.Cross-cutting seat : using casting structure.

3.Traction adopts frequency conversion speed regulation 1.

4.Cross cutter: using domestic common cutter.

4.Correcting machine double photoelectric tracking and positioning device(Zhejiang Julong).

5.Drive shaft: slotted with rubber shaft.

5.Independent microcomputer control cabinet: automatic counting, automatic alarm to the number. Automatic stop function.

6.Hot knife: The bottom seal is made of aluminum (two horizontal hot, one flat) The middle blanching knife is made of copper.

6.Computer (touch screen control).

7.Feeding traction mode: motor drives pulley drive traction rubber shaft.

7.The main machine uses motor 1.5KW (Shanghai).

8.The maximum substrate width is 700MM, and the longest cutting lengt is350MM.

8.The fastest speed of the machine is 250 / min (generally according to the length of the bag to calculate the speed, such as 200 mm long and 210 bags per minute).

9.The whole machine weighs 1500kg.

Dimensionsm: 5.2 * 1.4 * 1.5



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